Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

Whoo! That last one… Need a bit of a breather, there. I’m going back to my wips this time around, but not to In Pain and Blood. At least, not straight away.

No, my fellow Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday Folk, I thought a little bit of showing what a certain two princes from its sister novel, To Target the Heart, are like.

Blurb: Having staved off the idea of marriage for years, Prince Hamish finds himself forced to face its realities when his mother holds a contest of arms with him as the prize. But one contestant is not as they appear and promises a way out. Can they win against all the odds?

This one’s still in its infancy, so I don’t have much. In this piece, Hamish has just found out that Darshan, ambassador of Udynea Empire and his one chance of not being stuck in a loveless marriage, is also the heir to the imperial throne.

“Heirs require children.” Such a need was even greater than a prince who was currently seventh in line. “Let’s be realistic here, I can’t give you a child. You need a wife for that.”

Disgust soured the normally sure line of his mouth. “You sound rather like my father,” he muttered as he stood. Pushing the wire frames further up his nose, he peered down at Hamish as if his entire ancestry had been offended. “Well, I don’t want a wife. I want you.”

35 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

    1. Oh, yes. Dar’s rather gone past the whole friends-with-benefits point to “let’s get married”… I’m not sure he’s heard of the boyfriend phase that generally happens between.


    1. Writing Dar always puts me in rhe mindset of the world needs more gay princes. Doesn’t matter how many there already are, it needs more. And princesses, but that’s in another novel.


    1. Well, being the only viable heir does give him certain freedoms and daddy’s sort of resigned in knowing his son’s not likely to produce a legitimate heir, so as long as he doesn’t do something scandalous like upset another country by competing in a contest of arms to decide on who marries the prince… 😳
      Daddy won’t be pleased.


  1. Talk about being blunt! But I like that he knows what he wants and doesn’t give two cents what his father thinks. Shouldn’t he be slightly thinking about the country he is Heir to though?


    1. A concubine would work, providing they can find a woman with a decent magical line who isn’t a slave and also has no ties she’s willing to exploit. That’s not even going into the whole issue of Dar not being the least bit interested in sleeping with a woman, even to create an heir. And, given Tirglasian marriage laws, having their first child be blatantly not of Hamish’s bloodline makes any marriage void…

      But Dar has a plan. It’s unconventional and magical and only been tested a few times, but that’s another bridge to cross


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