Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook Group where people post six sentence pieces of their LGBTQ+ novels.

This is my first time participating and this snippet is from my current fantasy wip In Pain and Blood where Dylan’s still struggling with the idea of being intimate with a man. It’s about a third of the way through and one of the first chapters I finished…


Dylan tried not to look the last times they were naked together—he’d failed spectacularly, but he felt that trying had to count for something. And, even though Tracker wasn’t yet in such an extreme state of undress, he still couldn’t stop his gaze from running over the man, or admiring every inch of the elf’s bare torso. A part of him longed to reach out, to touch that warm skin, to follow the curving lines of the tattoos down to what still lay hidden beneath linen and leather.

He dug his fingers into the blankets. His heart fluttered into his mouth. It stuck in his throat, forcing him to swallow or choke on his own doubts.


Do follow the link above and check out other snippets.

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