To Target the Heart – Main Characters

d69b6-ttth2The closer I get to possibly finishing In Pain and Blood, the more I find myself thinking about the story that I plan to have follow it… To Target the Heart.

Unlike IPaB, where the pov is Dylan (right up until the epilogue, anyway), I plan to split the narrative of TTtH between the two MCs.

So far, it’s not so much a back and forth, chapter to chapter deal. Rather, Hamish takes the first portion and Darshan has the latter half. It makes sense to make the native MC the narrator whilst in their country as, technically, everyone in Tirglas is speaking another language to everyone in Udynea.

But who are Hamish and Darshan? Well, I’m still doing background information on them, but so far…


Forgive the shoddy photoshop colouring.

Formally, Hamish is the Prince of Tirglas, third child of Queen Fiona and seventh in line for the throne.


He’s a good shot with a bow. Not the best, but he hunts a lot and manages to cleanly kill most of his targets.

Tirglas is a land of clans and each clan has a certain speciality in combat handed down the generations, his brother was the one who taught him theirs.

His mother is the one always pushing for him to marry and have children. Daddy’s a little more lenient, but ultimately useless. Brother isn’t bothered, younger sister’s just pleased someone still thinks of her as family, and his older sister just wants him to give in and pick a wife.

Can’t speak anything other than Tirglasian (to be fair, he’s not had a reason to).

He’s a doting uncle. In fact, he absolutely adores kids.

He spent several months whoring himself out in a shady brothel until his mother’s men found him and has pretty much been celibate since then thanks to a nightly watch outside his door. He was twenty (is 37 at the start of the story).


Now, Darshan… Darshan’s a bit more fun…


Of course, he’s missing the victorian-style glasses.

Formal title is Darshan vris Mhanek. The last two bits basically mean Heir to the Emperor in my made-up, Udynean language.


He was sent to Tirglas due to a scandal involving him and another nobleman that caused a feud between two houses (his father hopes the position of Ambassador would teach him to think before he acts and take responsibility for those actions).

He has very little knowledge of Tirglas customs, having been thrust into the whole Ambassador position and all. Basically swotted up on the language during the trip there.

His father just wants him to make a damn heir already. Marriage isn’t a requirement, so long as he adds to that magic-potent bloodline.

He’s overconfident in his magical abilities to the point of forsaking any formal weapon training. He has been in a few terribly uncouth fist fights. Magically assisted, of course.

His mother died giving birth to his twin sister 33 years ago. He also has about a dozen half-sisters.

Can’t see worth a damn without his glasses. Should make the archery part of the contest interesting, seeing he’s in disguise and Tirglas isn’t big on the “eye windows” thing.



Whoo boy… It’s going to be interesting once I sit down with these two.

2 thoughts on “To Target the Heart – Main Characters

    1. Oh yes, then there’s the cultural differences on top of that. Already have a few talks sketched around misunderstandings.
      And thank you, I just sort of drummed it up last minute, so it’s a bit rough. Not like the hours I took on DOM’s new cover.


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