Seductive Studs – #SedStuds

Seductive Studs is a weekly bloghop for authors and readers of m/m romance.

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This is from In Pain and Blood, getting near the end, after Tracker gets a little caught up in the village’s festivities and…

Done by Eveline Verburg


He nipped into the shadows, halting part way down to press his forehead to the brickwork.

He kissed me. Yes, the man had done so a dozen times and more, but not like this. Not with such warmth. It’d felt like… Home. Dylan ran a finger across his lips. The memory of the elf’s mouth tingled along his skin. And he’d done it front of all those people. This is bad.

Tracker’s footsteps echoed in the relative silence. “Don’t tell me you’ve suddenly gone shy.”

Dylan rubbed at his forearm, trying to make some sense of the emotions flooding his mind. He’d never experienced the giddy, flushed sensation suffusing his body. Nor the frenzied pulsing of his heart, so strong that he thought he might collapse at any moment. “No.” He might not be entirely sure what this strange feeling was, but it certainly wasn’t shyness.

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