Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

wewriwa_square_3The cover reveal for Dark One’s Mistress approaches, so my fellow Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday Folk, I’m sharing a little excerpt from that New Adult Gothic Romance…

Blurb: Kidnapped by the Great Lord’s men, seventeen-year-old Clarabelle Weaver is determined to escape before his plan to make her his mistress comes to fruition. That is until she learns his heirless death will free the soulless criminals enslaved in his army and, with the enemy all but knocking on their doors, she must decide if her freedom is really worth a kingdom.

In this piece, Clara is trying to escape the Great Lord’s Citadel.

The hall was pocked with closed doors. No sound came from the rooms they shut off. Could she hide in one and wait? She fled to the nearest doorway. The handle twisted at the softest of jiggles and she hastened inside, gently pushing the door shut behind her.

She listened for the man’s passage, the muffled thump of the unseen seeker’s steps paling as a steely hiss issued from within the room. Fear of what stood behind her put a lump in her throat, choking off any thoughts of crying out.

“Don’t move.”


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36 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

    1. Oh no, it’s just the paranoid, mostly-naked guy who owns the joint that also has a habit of keeping his sword close at hand and levelling it at strangers… Wait a minute…


  1. Whoops is right! Methinks she should have chosen a different door or listened inside this one first. I do wonder who just found her though and what’s about to happen. This sounds like an interesting tale!

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