Climbing to 80%

Or is it?

128076 / 160000 (80.05%)


In Pain and Blood smallWords, words, words. You’d think with all these words piling up that I’d have so many chapters completed.


In fact, I’ve 11 completed chapters out of a grand total of 46… Go me…

So, with the projected word count having jumped to 160k the last time I thought I’d reached the 75% mark of the story, this time, I’m a little more certain in its goal.

At the very least, it’s reached the three-quarter mark… again.


128076 / 170000 (75.34%)

2 thoughts on “Climbing to 80%

  1. At least you’re making progress! I’m lamenting the fact that I’ve got 150K towards Isto and it isn’t even halfway through the story yet. Don’t you just love those ever climbing word counts?

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    1. Oh yeah. Added another 3k since this and it’s just… I’m not sure where half the words come from. Most of the time I’m sitting at the beginning of a chapter thinking there’s no possible way it’ll be in line with the others, then… boop! I’ve got this frigging chapter that won’t shut up.


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