Crunching the Numbers

Trying a little something different.

When I first set out to write In Pain and Blood, I knew the tower Dylan originates from is big. It has to accommodate hundreds of people. There are that many that he doesn’t recognise his peers.

When I first envisioned the tower, it was just that, a single spire in the middle of nowhere. That quickly changed to one surrounded by a wall, enabling the inhabitants to have a garden and a few separate buildings for the non-spellsters to do things.

But recently, I’ve been wondering just how many people there are and that’s led me to do a re-evaluation of the tower design. Those walls are going to be thick and full of people because, in order for my calculations of the King’s Hound population to be correct, there must be more than a few hundred spellsters…

There has to be over a thousand. And each spellster has a guardian. And there are servants, people to cook and clean… basically do all that stuff neither spellster or guardian would be able to do.

In all, I put it at about eight to ten thousand people living in the tower.

That’s a small city. Or, if so inclined, an army. A massive magical army… You know, I’m starting to see why a certain person took the action they did. Daaang.


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