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There are demons all around us, legions of the dark that break loose from Hell’s restraints to prowl the mortal plane. Most people can’t see them and will never suffer their torments. They are the lucky ones.

Guess that makes Simon Alliant the unluckiest man alive.

He’s learned that the only luck a man has is the luck he makes for himself. Call him exorcist. Call him master of the dark arts. Call him dime-store magician. Most names don’t matter, not when Hell knows yours.

Armed with his spells and his amulets and his desperate drive toward redemption, he fights the rising darkness and sends those demons screaming back into Hell, one minion at a time.

But not all demons can be exorcised. Some dwell too deep inside a man’s bones to be so easily banished. Simon is smart–or, at least, cynical–enough to know which battles are worth fighting.

It takes more than a fistful of charms to stay alive in his line of work. And staying alive is the only way to avoid giving the Devil his due…

Welcome to the world of The Demon Whisperer.
It kicks off today with the Kindle release of
the first book in the series: CHARM CITY.
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The darkness is rising and one man stands against it: the exorcist mage Simon Alliant. But in Baltimore, he finally meets his match…a part-mortal divinity with the power to whisper away demons.

Simon Alliant is an exorcist who battles demons, whether he wants to or not. Sometimes it’s not so bad…he gets to play with magic, after all. But for Simon, magic represents a demon of another kind. He’s addicted to magic and it takes more than a handful of charms to keep that particular demon at bay.

Chiara is part Light, part Dark, and stubbornly mortal. The woman has a way with words: she literally talks demons into abandoning their human hosts. Simon thinks that’s not the only trick she has up her sleeve-and that’s pretty high praise coming from a mage like him.

As intriguing as that may be, Simon has too many reasons to distrust her…one of them being his more-or-less partner, an angelic Watcher. Amidst all the celestial warnings of the rising dark comes a new prophesy that makes him wonder: is Chiara a threat to him and all of mankind?

Or will she be his salvation?
Join the legions and pick your side: Light or Dark. Just know this…decisions like this are never easy, because there’s no black and white when it comes to good and evil.
Grab your lucky charm. You might need it.

Ash Krafton is a speculative fiction writer who, despite having a Time Turner under her couch and three different sonic screwdrivers in her purse, still encounters difficulty with time management. She’s the author of urban fantasy (such as the trilogy The Books of the Demimonde) as well as paranormal romance (WORDS THAT BIND).She also writes for YA and NA audiences under the pen name AJ Krafton (THE HEARTBEAT THIEF, her Victorian dark fantasy inspired by Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death”).

Currently, she’s working on a new urban fantasy series, The Demon Whisperer. The first book, CHARM CITY, is now available on Kindle.

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