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Seductive Studs is a weekly bloghop for authors and readers of m/m romance.

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Again, this is from In Pain and Blood and I know I’ve often put the latter details of Tracker and Dylan’s relationship, but this is how they meet. In an alleyway, no less…

The dagger was the first thing he saw. Curved and sharp. In the dim light, the blade bore an insidious purple sheen.

Barely daring to breathe, he followed the blade down to the bronze hand and onwards to the elven man glaring up at him. “If you’re after money. I have none.”

The elf’s sharp eyes, in a shade that reminded Dylan of rich honey, narrowed. “Money?” The man sneered. “My dear spellster, do I look like I need your paltry coin?” He spoke with the vaguely similar smooth accent of his old roommate. The words tumbled off his tongue much like rock down a hill, catching occasionally on a soft trill or hiss. Only those born in Wintervale spoke such a way.

“I don’t—” The man knew he was a spellster? That could become problematic if he chose to alert a hound.

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20 thoughts on “Seductive Studs – #SedStuds

  1. Why did you have to stop there?! I want more, I want to know lots more! I think I’m hooked already… Love the descriptions! Especially of the blade, detail to the accent, and the information he knows. What are the hounds for? I’m so curious!

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