Weaving the Plots


When I first thought of the Spellster Series, I planned on writing them in the very order you see above. It would’ve meant the first published story would’ve been a new adult novel that focused on a seventeen-year-old elven slave and his mistress. Instead, that is looking to be the last one written, with the others seemingly retaining their order.

MapThis is largely due to the latter half of To Target the Heart.

In it, the Main Characters travel from Tirglas to the Udynean capital, Minamist. During that time, they set down in Nulshar, where Through Smoke and Fire is set, and Rolshar, which is where the theatre of Spectre of the Golden Voice is.

During that time, they come across Kaheran of TSaF and visit the famed haunted theatre that is the backdrop of SofGV.

So, I know when the times comes for me to write SofGV and TSaF, they’ll be quite prominent, maybe even part-of-moving-the-plot-forward prominent. Not quite catalysts in their own right, but aiding.


Even if no one else is able to point out the overlapping stories between titles, I’m going to have a blast making them. It’s my favourite part of writing this series, that and I get to have people fall in love from scratch over and over.

2 thoughts on “Weaving the Plots

  1. I love how they all tie together. At least you have good reasoning for your writing order. Me, I just get distracted by story elements and want to write, but the in between book isn’t finished yet!

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    1. That’s on top of what I already have, which is the main couple from BBtS being the inspiration Dar gets for his big “I know how we can get an heir” idea as well as the means to do so.

      On the other hand, I’ve got missing chapters in the other three novels for The Rogue King saga. The Shadow Prince is literally sitting there waiting for me to work out eight chapters for it to be finished… Again. TFQ has seven and TVG has one… Yet I’m stuffed full of Spellster Series.


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