Stop Growing… Please!

inpainandblood_redOtherwise known as the passing 75% mark… for the third time.


So, we’ve leapt from the goal being 160k to 180k and maybe even beyond. That 200k quip I made months back is looking less and less like a joke. I wasn’t going to enter into Nanowrimo this year because, aside from having DOM’s blog tour in the first week, I didn’t think there’d be 50k left.


I don’t know what it is about this story that makes it keep growing. Chapters are breaking up all over the place. I recently had one completed chapter declare it wasn’t going to end that way and the smut now concludes with someone being comforted whilst they’re gross sobbing. Like who does that?

Well, apparently they do.

I’m so glad this story isn’t meant to hinge on how sexy a note its sex scenes finish on. Unless you happen to find the idea of one person comforting the distressed other half of the couple as sexy, then… hey, guess what I wrote…

Even the smut part changed: from “let’s get it on” to “dude this is your first time, I’m gonna assume you have no idea what to do and walk you through this bit… then we’ll get it on”. It’s not as if I didn’t have enough trouble with that scene in the first place, what with losing the original to a corrupted file. It’s turning into a monster and doing my head in something fierce. It’s currently sitting at 7.5k, I’m still on the fence of whether to split it or not. I mean, in comparison, the ‘foreplay’ scene is 4.8k, so yeah…

Dylan, how much screwing do you need to do? …why am I even asking, this? A quarter of this damn story is you screwing somebody! Would it kill ya to keep it in your pants?

Probably, would.


Also, if you’re interested in reading the chapter(s?) I’ve talked about, along with any other R-rated chapters of In Pain and Blood, this is where you need to be signed up. If you’re signed up for my newsletter, that’s fine for the PG stuff and it’ll be a few months yet before it matters and I’ll be warning you beforehand, so don’t panic, but this’ll be where R-rated happens.

2 thoughts on “Stop Growing… Please!

  1. I know how the growing goes. I wince a bit with Isto because it’s at 150K and not even half finished.

    Do you think you’ll try to pare it down when you finish? Or are you the type to add more on additional revisions?

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