Seductive Studs – #SedStuds

Seductive Studs is a weekly bloghop for authors and readers of m/m romance.

Click on the blue froggy button located right below the snippet to hop around to this week’s other #SedStud posts. Participants of Seductive Studs will post one of the following: a 100=150 word excerpt, a review, or a post about a M/M Romance that’s in the works or already published.

This is a little later on In Pain and Blood from the last few snippets, where Dylan’s slowly coming to some realisations…

Their lips grazed each other, slow and as unrelenting as the ocean on the shore. Warmth washed over his body, pulling him under. He let it carry him away, surfacing only to gulp down another breath of air. Sparks trembled along his spine, setting his head to spinning. His stomach fluttered so hard that his chest started to ache.

In too short a time, it was over.


He slowly opened his eyes. His lips still tingled. “Butterflies,” he mumbled, a flush of heat infusing his cheeks. That’s what this strangely familiar sensation was. He hadn’t felt it years.

The hound frowned. His gaze flicked to the campfire. “Not at night. Moths, perhaps. Stupid things are attracted to the light.”

Dylan smiled. He wanted to laugh, to beat the man senseless for being so dense, to pin him to the ground and never stop kissing him.

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