Looks like I may be entering NaNoWriMo after all…

inpainandblood_redI didn’t think I would have 50k left of In Pain and Blood to work with by the time November rocked up and the first week will be the blog tour for Dark One’s Mistress.

And yet, as you can probably guess, I will be participating in the National Novel Writing Month. I did plan to unofficially tag along and finally complete In Pain and Blood. It’s a little more definite.


Well, it appears that I still have a predicted 58k left to go on this novel. If I hit that mark, I’ll have a roundabout 200,000 word story.

200k. That’s roughly four Golden Dawn novels.

And it’s only taken me a year and a half to get this far. Not bad when you consider that I’m still also working on an eighteen-year-old saga…


But wait! There’s still the whole month of October to go. I might very well complete all that writing then… Except my daughter’s currently on school break and that’s the time when my writing tends to suffer. November is when things calm down a little in preparation for the end of the school year.


In any case, so long as things go to plan, In Pain and Blood will be complete by the end of the year.

2 thoughts on “Looks like I may be entering NaNoWriMo after all…

  1. At least you’ve got a good plan for NaNo. I’m struggling to finish Murder Most Fowl before November, and then I’m not sure if I’ll be able to immediately switch gears back to Isto. I can hope though.

    Hope the NaNo plans work out!

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    1. I tried the switching thing last year, really didn’t work as I was constantly thinking of things to do with IPaB. Wound up putting everything on hold to work on that instead.
      I hope so, too! Writing has slowed a bit due to my daughter getting chickenpox, but she should be all good by November.


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