Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

wewriwa_square_3Chapter eight of In Pain and Blood will be on here the weekend after next due to the Virtual FantasyCon 2016.

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For now, my dear Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday Folk, here’s another teaser.

Blurb: When a routine inspection goes awry, Dylan is left unleashed and alone. Afraid he’ll become prey for the King’s Hounds, he struggles to make his way back to the only safety he’s ever known. Or is it?

This piece follows the previous week’s kiss…

“No, I—” His voice squeaked. He cleared his throat and went to try again.

Tracker’s long fingers found their way to Dylan’s lips, gently tapping them to suggest he remain silent. “It is late, we’ve perhaps talked far longer than we should have—you indulge me far too much. You truly should go get some rest before your watch. Was that not what we were just discussing? Lack of sleep could lead to… unpleasantness and I would not wish for you to misjudge your target.”

Nodding slowly, he stood.

“We can talk more tomorrow night, if you desire.”

Don’t forget to check out the other excerpts.

28 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

  1. I think unpleasantries is an understatement concerning lack of sleep. I would know. LOL. I think his word choice at the end, “if you desire”, has a very subtle undercut hint to it, and it is not about talking.

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    1. The depth of their relationship seriously got away from me. By the time the story reaches the “excrement hitting rapidly rotating blade” bit, they’ve only known each other for seven weeks…


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