Snippet Sunday – In Pain and Blood

I’m mostly over on the Virtual FantasyCon 2016 events for much of the week, but for this weekend, my Snippet Sunday Folk, here’s a little teaser of a spellster series newsletter exclusive chapter… It’s going back to one of the first chapters I finished, which is looking to be about two-fifths of the way through (so not there yet).

This is part of the massive 2-3 chapter scene that started me on this crawling-to-200k behemoth of a story… Oh, and this piece comes well before last week’s kiss.

“See, I thought I was mistaken about you.” The man’s smirk took on a hungry edge. “But I’m not, am I?”

Yes, you are. He stared at the elf, his heart thudding uncontrollably as he willed his tongue to speak the words. It wouldn’t move.

“Our little flirting game has been pleasant enough, but this?” The hound shook his head, a perplexed smile tweaking his lips. “We are alone and you’re hardly untried in these matters. Why persist with playing so stubbornly hard to get?”

He withdrew Tracker’s hand from his mouth. Playing at anything, especially being hard to get, was perhaps the furthest thought he had. And as for the other part… “I…”

The puzzled quirk of the elf’s brows smoothed as he gave a hushed puff of comprehension. “You’ve not done anything like this before, have you?”

Warmth bathed his face. By the gods, he hadn’t blushed at the topic of sex and the like since he was sixteen. “Not with a man, no.” He knew the mechanics, and had stumbled upon several such scenes in the past, but actually going so far as to do it? He’d never dared that.

The man slid off Dylan’s lap to kneel on the floor. “Then how about this.” One hand caressed his thigh. The hem of Dylan’s robes lifted slightly, allowing more cool air to slink across his skin. “We try taking this to its ultimate conclusion and, should you wish to stop anywhere along the way, you just say the word.”

“And you’ll stop? Just like that?” Could he trust the hound to keep his word? There wasn’t really any way he could force the man to end it if Tracker chose to be rough with him. “What if I just want to kiss?”

Tracker shrugged. “If that is the extent of your wish, then that’s all we shall do tonight. Although, I think your desires are rather more advanced than that.”

He licked his parched lips, his stomach bubbling. “I don’t—” Tracker was right, curse him. He wanted more than the elf’s mouth on his, but… Am I really considering having sex with a man? Sure, he had toyed with the idle thought from time to time—everybody did, didn’t they?—but he’d never given it any decent contemplation. I am. Yet the only thing that worried him was whether he trusted Tracker?

I do. That chilling certainty gripped his gut and wouldn’t let go. “All right,” he heard himself saying, the words leaving in a breathless rush. So much for not doing anything crazy. “Until I say stop.”

One of the man’s russet brows twitched upwards. “Until? My dear spellster, I don’t intend on doing anything that would make you want to.”

Do follow the link above, or check out Rainbow Snippets, a Facebook Group where people post pieces of their LGBTQ+ novels.

24 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – In Pain and Blood

    1. Tracker gets all the best lines. I swear, he’s a separate entity that got swept into the story via weird science fiction mumbo jumbo. There’s no way all this can be coming from my brain.


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