#NaNoWriMo The Third Week Hike

So the third week has came upon us with quite a bluster and left with nary a care. Am I three-quarters of the way there? Mmm, not quite. There’ve been quite a few things occupying my time… so many little quakes since the beginning of last week, then my neck of the woods got stuck right in the middle of a weather bomb and lucky me wound up spending half a day trying to get home (that set me back 1700 words). To top it all off, my little kitty has been missing since last Tuesday.

So, I’ve not really been in the sort of headspace to do massive amounts of typing.

What does that mean for In Pain and Blood? Well, the first quarter of the novel now has a first draft,  the second quarter is getting closer to completion and I have another 31k left to play with for the final stretch. I also now know how many hounds there are thanks to some helpful suggestions in the NaNoWriMo facebook group. That’s important info for later on in the story.

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