#NaNoWriMo The Final Slog

So the fourth week has gone by and, as you can see, I am very close to completing this year’s NaNoWriMo. Yup. Even though I’ve been battling quite a few ordeals alongside my characters (and my little kitty is still MIA :(), I’m almost at the big 50k.

Over those last few weeks, I’ve written tavern brawls and foursomes, dancing and kisses, battles and broken hearts. I’ve discovered a few new things about my characters. Dylan can sketch a forge pretty decently. The man who led Authril’s mercenary company has a mother who owns an inn in Toptower. And, for all of Tracker’s bemoaning about forever winding up in fights every time he stays in a tavern, he’s the one who tends to start them (the frick, dude?).

I also found the reasoning behind a rather important piece of the plot. Yes, my dears, this behemoth of a story chock with plenty of erotic chapters has a plot beyond a certain person getting into someone’s pants. I’m sure I left it under the couch somewhere…

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