It Never Rains

But, oh, how it pours.

Today, I’ve just returned from the vet having retrieved our mini black panther after his second visit in such a short time. Just an abscess on his haunch (he likes to face down the local rabbits and brought home a bunny the night we noticed the abscess).

We try to keep his travelling to a minimal… because he gets car sick. And normally, he’s good. The boy’s pushing eleven and this, along with two other visits (the one before being a removal of a tooth, then a muscle relaxant for his neck), have been the extent of his trips for some years.

Of course, vet bills are expensive at the worst of times, for it to come less than two weeks before Christmas? *sigh* Raiding my dear girl’s savings account was our only recourse the time of his tooth extraction and it was the same with this. Paying her back is going to extend into June.


And I’ve an upcoming hospital checkup appointment…

4 thoughts on “It Never Rains

  1. Pour (poor) kitty. 😦

    And dude, that’s rough with the finances. It reminds me of when my dog’s leash got tangled with my husband’s legs on the way down the stairs and both ended up at the bottom. My husband came away with just bruises but my dog broke his leg. After several visits to the vet, surgery to put a pin in his leg, and meds to fight pain and infection, the bill was pretty hefty. Hope things work out for you.

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