#RainbowSnippets – In Pain and Blood

wewriwa_square_3Yup, I’m back with teases of In Pain and Blood.

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Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook Group where people post six sentence pieces of their LGBTQ+ novels.

Blurb: When a routine inspection goes awry, Dylan is left unleashed and alone. Afraid he’ll become prey for the King’s Hounds, he struggles to make his way back to the only safety he’s ever known. Or is it?

This one continues from last fortnight’s snippet…

Frowning, he pushed the man aside and carried on down the stairs.

“Dylan, stop.” Those long fingers wrapped around his wrist, a steady pull keeping him from the entrance. The elf really was stronger than he looked. “There’s no one here that we can help. And if someone hid down here, we would’ve heard them by now. You don’t need to see what became of the rest.”

Do follow the link above, or check out the Snippet Sunday Folk, to see other snippets.

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