New Year, New Goals

Happy 2017, everyone!

I often have writing goals in the beginning of the New Year, but they often fall by the wayside. Here’s hoping this year isn’t any different…


2017 Goals

  • Finish In Pain and Blood. Seriously now, this sucker is 90% done, has 24 chapters to complete and about 23k to go into those chapters.
  • Finish Dark One’s Bride. This is just waiting on IPaB to end so I can give it my full attention. I’ve a few chapters to write and some more to re-write.
  • Layout how And the World Crumbled will play out. Being an addition to IPaB, it better stay a damn short story.
  • Get down that unnamed short story about the weird guys knocking at the woman’s house whilst being after her little girl.
  • Check out Mapmaker. It’s likely as bad I remember, but it’s also short and languishing in my HD, begging for a good editing run.
  • Read more. The amount of books I read last year was pitiful.


Man, I feel exhausted just looking at that.

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