Designing a Monstrous Book


These four GDs aren’t even enough. Picture another half.

When making my books available in paperback, the sizing I prefer to use is 5×8. It’s a nice size to hold and close to most of the other small paperbacks gracing my shelves. But it does come with a limitation. Namely, it won’t support a book that’s too large without becoming a terribly unwieldy block.

Something like “Exhibit A” over there.

And that’s somewhat of an issue for In Pain and Blood, given the sheer amount of words I already have in the story. So, I’ve opted to go bigger.

6×9, bigger.

To that end, went to see how the larger format holds up to my behemoth. So far, the first half of the novel is around 280 pages in this format (compared with 328 in the smaller size).

Doing the maths, the full novel would be about the size of another not-so-little book I own:

This about as close as I’ll get to a visualisation of how large it’ll look until I’m finished with the completing and editing part of writing a novel.

There was also the interior to think of. I’ve not had to sit down and fully design the interior of a novel since The Rogue King, as the other two novels use the same setup.

But the Spellster Series will have a slightly different look…

Told you it was slight.

Now to just finish up writing the damn thing. Only 7-9% left to go. Come on, me!

5 thoughts on “Designing a Monstrous Book

  1. That’s cool you’ve gotten it figured out. What’s the spine size going to be, do you think? Is the chapter number font the same as your name?


    1. I’m thinking it’ll be somewhere around 4cms. I have a number of books thicker than that, but it’s certainly getting up there. I could make it smaller again by changing the font size to be like the others (9 instead of 10), but that size font in a bigger book looks off.

      And yes, the chapter headings are the same font as my name.


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