#RainbowSnippets – Spectre of the Golden Voice

sotgvRainbow Snippets is a Facebook Group where people post six sentence pieces of their LGBTQ+ novels.

This snippet is from Spectre of the Golden Voice. This piece is a little after Krissi, a young half-elven singer, has just sung before the emperor’s son and retired to her chambers to await Ghost’s criticism…

There was a subtle change in the air that spoke of an entrance being opened and an absence of creaking that meant it wasn’t the door. “Ghost,” she said, acknowledging his presence without lifting her eyes from the ruby ring.

“And how did my muse’s regal performance go?”

“Were you not there to hear? Most unlike you to miss the main event.”

On the edge of her vision, she spied the man waving his gloved hand in the air. “My usual box was occupied by ruffians.”

Do follow the link above, or check out the Snippet Sunday Folk, to see other snippets.

28 thoughts on “#RainbowSnippets – Spectre of the Golden Voice

    1. Indeed. Whilst Ghost lives by his own moral code and most “ruffians” who invade his space would be dealt with rather brutally, he knows better than to risk the theatre (and his muse’s livelihood). Doesn’t mean he won’t be petty about it.


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