*Pterodactyl Screech*

inpainandblood_redIn Pain and Blood has crept its way to 218k. Should be good. Should mean I have around 12k left.

Heh. I really should know better by now. Shouldn’t I?

I’m closer to 22,000 words than 12k. Maybe 33,000 words, if I’m really unlucky and the story continues with its streak of 4500 per chapter. (That’ll give me a 250k book. *Shudder*)

There’s still 21 chapters to finish. Well, 22 now that the sucker has gained another chapter. Not that I’m surprised. It isn’t a case of originally trying to cram too much in one chapter as has happened with some of the others.

This is one of the final chapters and it’s one I’ve been wondering for some time whether I should or not. The closer I get to the end, the more fleshed out the plotline becomes, the more it seems to be needed to wind down the story with something that’ll be sappy (hopefully short) and tie up a few other threads that’ll leave me with an epilogue that doesn’t feel so rushed.


218217 / 240000 (90.92%)


Hey, at least I’m on target for my books read in 2017. Granted one a month is a modest target, but considering I finished so little last year… Baby steps.

2 thoughts on “*Pterodactyl Screech*

    1. I’m aiming to get the bulk of it done by the end of Feb, even if I have to type my fingers raw.

      It’s still going to be an editing nightmare. I’m seriously considering just firing it at a horde of beta readers once I’m done and see what needs fixing, because 250k is just… &@#%!


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