Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

wewriwa_square_3This week, my Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday Folk, it’s another snippet from Spectre of the Golden Voice.

The plot’s still being worked on (and, yes, is influenced by PotO) but this is a rough blurb…

When Krissi’s singing whilst working in the bowels of the theatre draws the attention of the theatre’s infamous Ghost, she finds herself under his private tutelage and thrust into the spotlight as tragedy threatens to shut down the theatre. As would-be suitors flock to her side to share her newfound fame, Krissi finds herself torn between protecting her family and following her heart.

This snippet picks up where last week’s ended

“What have you done?” Krissi demanded, leaping to her feet. She had stridden half the distance between them before catching herself. For all his lackadaisical attitude, Ghost could be dangerous if he thought himself cornered. “Nothing foolish, I hope.”

Ghost laughed in a soft, low timbre. “No, my muse. I did as you asked and kept my profile low for your royal performance. Everyone in the audience left the theatre alive and in one piece.”

She let herself breathe again. Whilst he didn’t always take a life, she nevertheless woke each morning after singing quietly dreading that the dawn would reveal another dead noble.

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36 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

    1. He’s been there for at least a decade and they haven’t yet realised he’s not an apparition. Nobles dying isn’t exactly a new thing in Udynea. I mean, in the imperial line alone has half-sisters busy killing each other for a position close enough to the throne in preparation to kill the heir when daddy dies. And, with him generally strangling or suffocating people, most suspected poison. It wasn’t until this one dude managed to live long enough to say “ghost” that they even considered something else. Now, they seriously think it’s a murderous spirit (like the guy who used to own the mansion before it became a theatre) offing people.

      Can you tell I have so much fun with this empire?

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  1. Oh, now there’s a predicament. I’d caution against the use of “stridden”. While I realize it’s correct, it sounds odd in this sentence and represents passive voice. I suggest using something more active. Good snippet, Aldrea.

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