Cover Makeover – SotGV

I’ve never been all that happy with the cover for Spectre of the Golden Voice. Oh, the background image is sort of what I want, I picked it myself after all, but there’s always something niggling at me whenever I saw it.

I mean this

It’s just too busy. My tagline barely comes off the image. Just… no.

So, after a little tweaking and several takes for comparison, I came away with these two…

sotgv1 sotgv2

As you can see, I got rid of the massive amount of music sheets in the back. But it’s poking through into the image, going on to become part of the words in the first one.

They’re both nice, but I found the first one too bright and, whilst I love how the second one looks, it doesn’t translate well once it gets smaller.

A middle ground must be found. Onwards!


I like this one. The pages poke through just nicely, not too bright, with a touch of the foreground image coming through, too. There’s still a hint of the glow I love so much. And it blends into the rest of the series a little better, despite the lack of a hand.

Unless I can think of something better, this one stays.

2 thoughts on “Cover Makeover – SotGV

  1. I like the latest revision better too. I will admit that it took me a long time to figure out what the image on the right was. It looked like a tooth or something. I realize now that it’s the phantom of the opera mask, but I had no idea in the original incarnation. Now that I can see it, I do like it.

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