Cover Makeover – TTtH

For some time, I’ve been wondering what to do with the font colour on To Target the Heart. I mean, just look at it…


Just… naff


So, with a little input from some groups, I came up with three alternatives…


Whilst they look fine, I’m quite enamoured with the last one as an archery contest features heavily in the story (along with the necklace).


6 thoughts on “Cover Makeover – TTtH

  1. I like the little target for the To, but I’m not entirely sure what I think of the colors. The yellow title almost blends into the background for me. Surprisingly, it stands out really well when converted to black and white, but in full color, it doesn’t seem as strong. I do like it better than the two tone. The gray seems flat.

    I’m almost wondering if you could pull off a glittering diamond effect that’d pair with the glint off the heart. If not, could we see what it looks like in a brighter yellow?

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      1. A bit, maybe with a few more brighter gleams and a slightly blue/purple tint to match the light splaying off the heart. Kind of like #10 on this tutorial but with your font and texture you’ve got going here.

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      2. That particular tutorial isn’t for Photoshop, but I found a similar one that was. It certainly works better with fonts that are dots (as I left in the top T), but if I change the font on this, the whole set won’t have that uniform tie-in.


      3. I think your font looks better. It was mostly the color/brightness that I was thinking in the link I sent. Target the Heart is good and bright, and I like the little light flares.

        But what do you think of it? Do you prefer the yellow? Have you tried a brighter yellow with the other incarnations?

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      4. I tried going a brighter yellow to begin with, it just seemed too bright.
        But seeing this one beside the gold one, it certainly stands out and, now I think on it, probably better represents Darshan’s rather flashy personality.


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