Other Covers in the Spellster Series

I’m on some sort of inspirational roll here. Since Monday, I’ve been determined to finish up In Pain and Blood by the end of February. So far, I’m making an average of 1k a day, even taking into count the pitiful 100 words I did on my scheduled day off. Still, given that I’ve only managed to finish one chapter, and make great headway on another, since then… I’ve a feeling it’s going to take more than the remaining 19k I’ve laid out for its completion.


On top of that, I’ve also been fluffing around with covers, as you might’ve noticed. Beyond the six plotted stories, there are also the short stories, Willow and Mapmaker, which are standalones tales set in the world of the Spellster Series, one in the distant past, another a little more recent.

And I also have the novella, And the World Crumbled, that will touch on certain events happening during In Pain and Blood. How soon I can write it depends on how fast I can get IPaB, DOB and Map done. But it will happen, I owe it to Henrie to tell his part of the story, which won’t be possible in IPaB.


, of course, already has its cover, being published and all. And, as of today, Mapmaker does, too. I rather knew the look I was after for this one, its title sort of demands a certain type of cover, but I also knew that not any map would do. It had to be my map.

Whilst there needs to be a few final touches on the map in the background, being that Heimat and Stamekia don’t yet have names for their capitals, this is pretty close to being the final product. I do lament having such a long, single-worded title, though. Must remember that in the future.


Now, making the cover for And the World Crumbled was a different kettle of fish. I did have a wonderful premade all lined up for when I’d the money to nab it, done by the same person who is responsible for the images in 4/6 of my Spellster Series covers even. But someone else was quicker than I.

It’s sort of a blessing really, as it led me to hunt down an even better stock image that really fits the place the story is set in instead of being vaguely suitable.

The letters still need a bit of work, nothing that a little time applied to them won’t fix, but I love the background for this one.

All there is left to really tackle is Burning Beneath the Sun. Still mulling over that one.

4 thoughts on “Other Covers in the Spellster Series

  1. Willow is awesome and there’s some great atmosphere for And the World Crumbled. I like the look of Mapmaker, but it seems to have a lot of blank space in the bottom right, and I’m not so sure about the conflicting angles of the map vs title. I do love the font and the background though. Are there any tools that the mapmaker uses that you might be able to set in the lower right corner to fill in the gap?

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    1. I have thought about that as well as adding a few stain marks. I just haven’t had the time to research really ancient navigation tools to know what I want.
      AtWC is going to be so hard to write…


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