Family Tree

It’s my birthday today. Sadly, the flu (a gift my loving partner brought home) doesn’t understand birthdays.

Yeah, I’ve been fighting off a bad dose of the dreaded lurgy for a few days now. My daily writing has suffered a little. Got a whole massive total of 17 words down today.

Since I’m in no state to write, I turned to another project I’d been idly doing every so often. Darshan and Hamish’s family tree. It’s been a tricky thing to lay out, mostly because of the amount of sisters Darshan has. A dozen! What’s more, that’s just the living ones.


As you can see, Hamish’s line is nice and logical. But it became pretty clear early on that I couldn’t do that with the other side. I didn’t even put their mothers in, apart from Darshan’s, because there really wouldn’t be any room, but I also didn’t want to leave out the sisters. Fortunately, very few of them are likely to be involved in the story itself.

So here we are, I may be sick, but I now have the family tree of the Hamish/Darshan line. Poor guy’s gonna wonder what he’s got himself into.


2 thoughts on “Family Tree

  1. Sorry to hear you’re sick. 😦 I hope you feel better soon! And though I wished you happy birthday on Facebook, happy birthday here too!

    Nice family tree, and that is a lot of siblings. It makes me want to pull out my big list of notable people from my world (though I think I over-complicated mine).

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    1. Thanks. 🙂 I’m a bit miffed I lost a whole day of writing. Hoping that my daughter’s decision to join her school’s kapa haka will give me a little more time at least once a week.

      Yeah, Dar’s daddy’s been busy trying to get another son ever since his wife died in childbirth to the twins. He’s sired at least one a year since Onella. All to different women, stopping at Aditi and trying instead to convince Darshan to produce an heir… with about as much success as getting that second son. Where are the other eleven? It’s not happy families amongst the girls. Dar and Anjali are off-limits whilst daddy lives and that’s about it.


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