insecure2bwriters2bsupport2bgroup2bbadgeFor those who don’t know, IWSG is a group where people can share their writing struggles and offer encouragement and support to other members. To sign up, click here.

This month, the co-hosts who are helping IWSG’s founder, Alex J. Cavanaugh, manage this great group are… Tamara Narayan, Patsy CollinsM.J. Fifield and Nicohle Christopherson. Do be sure to pop by their sites and thank them!


So it’s March now, is it? Seems ages since I last vented my insecurities to a wider audience. I’m not doing too bad. I am averaging a thousand words a day, an average I hope to continue throughout this month.

Now IWSG posed a question and that is: Have you ever pulled out a really old story and reworked it? Did it work out?

I suppose my very first published novel, The Rogue King , could count considering how many times I rewrote it after its initial draft way back when I was twelve. Did it work out? I think so, it became a series somewhere along the line and still isn’t complete.

There are other pieces waiting in the wings for me to turn my attention to. I plan on attending to those pieces after In Pain and Blood. One is a sequel to Dark One’s Mistress that needs quite the overhaul. As for the other… I’ve not yet decided what becomes of the old short story once I pick at its bones. We’ll see how they turn out.


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  1. Hi, Adrea! I’m not sure if my first attempt at commenting went through or not. I’m in awe of the fact that you took out a manuscript you wrote when you were twelve and turned it into a published book! Way to go! Good luck with your writing this month!

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  2. It does sound like your journey is a lot like mine, The Rogue King vs my Thanmir War. 😀 I’d say The Rogue King turned out very well.

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