Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

wewriwa_square_3In Pain and Blood is back to play this month as I try to finish up the remaining scraps.

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For now, my dear Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday Folk, here’s another teaser.

Blurb: When a routine inspection goes awry, Dylan is left unleashed and alone. Afraid he’ll become prey for the King’s Hounds, he struggles to make his way back to the only safety he’s ever known. Or is it?

This one is near the omg point, where he finds out what really happened to his home…

Sulin eyed the other man’s dagger, his brow furrowing. The purple blade gleamed in the leaf-broken light. Could he place who it had belonged to? “You should not have that,” he growled, his coastal accent—a slightly deeper one to Tracker’s, now he heard the pair together—thickened with each word.

Tracker grinned. “Are you going to take it from me?” The way he spoke, the hushed threatening note rolling through the words, sent an altogether too pleasant shiver down Dylan’s back.

“Stop.” Dylan pulled himself free of Nestria’s grip and planted himself between the two elves. “No one is stabbing anybody.”

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34 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

    1. No. It’s currently earning its title, too. Sometimes, I’m tempted to add “sweat and tears” because this behemoth almost wasn’t due to my own stupidity of not backing up files.


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