I’m So Fancy

I like formatting my own books. I’m a bit of a control freak in that respect and puts less pressure on me as I can fix any minor details without pestering another person. Plus, it also lets me muck around with type, style and chapter headings…

chapter 1

And it looks so pretty in kindle format. The first ten chapters of which you can get via Instafreebie to read on whatever device.


Of course, putting this into In Pain and Blood means needing to find other images for the rest of the stories as lightning simply won’t do for them.

3 thoughts on “I’m So Fancy

  1. Very nice. What does it look like when reading in inverse? I know some readers like to switch their color scheme from pale background and black text to black background and pale text. Does the chapter heading disappear? Or does it look like a white block with the black design?

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    1. I can’t stand reading inverse, but yes some do. For those people, it’s currently a white block with the black design as I’m in the process of trying to see if I can get the transparency to the point where it’s just a nice glow.


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