The Never-ending Story

inpainandblood_redApril hath arrived and, with it, the passing of another 35,000 words. In Pain and Blood has still not deigned to finish. It’s close. So very close. Even though, at this rate, it’ll be pushing 290k. I have nine chapters to go. The vast majority of each one being quite full and merely waiting for me to pull all the threads together.

But I keep dragging my mental feet.

I’m currently working through the last painful piece. It’s slow going because I’m a wuss who easily gets upset when my characters do, even though I know the end result. This is why I don’t write much horror.

And yet, I continue to put my characters into such situations.

But once I’m over that hump, there will be blood. Lots of it. It’s the last big battle I make Dylan fight. And one of the main five characters will die by the time I’m done.

And then it will be the end for these characters. Until I revisit the tower in And the World Crumbled and tell their story. I’m also considering a little novella set after In Pain and Blood that would utilise multiple povs. But that is just a thought so far and not likely to come into effect until next year. We’ll see what happens within that time.

What do you find is the hardest thing to write?

2 thoughts on “The Never-ending Story

  1. Sounds like it’s going to be a rough few late chapters. It has been a fun journey with them so far. Though the word count climbs, at least you are making progress! That’s good for both of us (because I get to read it ^_^).

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    1. Very rough. But it must be done for the right ending.

      I was freaking about it reaching nearly 300k, but not since I learnt The Eye of the World is roughly that size and I’m very close to surpassing A Game of Thrones’ word count.


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