In Pain and Blood – Chapter Fourteen

Chapter thirteen had Dylan and his new companions starting their journey to the nearest village, only to be beset upon by a boar. Fortunately for them, they’d a hunter handy. Now they’re on their way with additional supplies, except there’s an unforeseen development…

Now, you might notice this post is missing a crucial detail, namely the chapter. I’ve been saying this since the first chapter that all the R-rated ones are only available by signing up here, which is the case for this month’s chapter. I will be sending it out only to those on this particular mailing list in a week’s time.

If you haven’t caught up and want to read the story in a slightly friendlier format, you can find all non-exclusive chapters on Wattpad and Inkitt. As well as a device-friendly ten-chapter preview.

I do have a song on my playlist for this one, though…

4 thoughts on “In Pain and Blood – Chapter Fourteen

    1. I think it’ll take me near the end of May to have this chapter hit the critique group. It is a bit of an exercise in restraint posting there. I’m used to critiquing via email and bouncing back within a few days. When I think there’s over sixty chapters overall and how some of them will need to be split to keep within the word limit…
      Either way, Tracker doesn’t show up until next month.

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