I am loving Cover Vault

Just adoring this layout in particular…


Teasy. Teasy. So itching to work on Dark One’s Bride.



I’m an unmerciful tease.



This reminds me, I must complete those chapters for The Shadow Prince. Maybe after DOB..



Bloody In Pain and Blood. Just under 13k to go… *sigh*



Yes, the short stories get their own image. Can’t see myself working on Mapmaker until the end of the year, though. Curse you, IPaB!


So many pretties… Not all my pretties, but still pretties.

2 thoughts on “I am loving Cover Vault

  1. Dang! Those are HAWT! I don’t have Photoshop so I won’t be able to use the templates, but it does make me want to return to playing with covers.

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    1. I have an older version of photoshop, so I bypass the whole monthly instalments deal, but I suppose you could always try the 30-day trial. Or, you know, you could just give me the covers. I found it do be a pretty simple cut and paste job once I was in. Was able to spit these out in a few minutes. The longest one was the spellster series as I had to expand the template.

      I’ve got a few more that I must play with. Stand alones and one duology.


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