#RainbowSnippets – In Pain and Blood

inpainandblood_redWell, I was going to continue along the vein of the last snippet, but seeing that, In Pain and Blood is currently going through edits and won’t be seen from again until it is published, plus this is the penultimate week that I post pieces for Rainbow Snippets, I thought I’d post something a little nearer the end.

Blurb: When a routine inspection goes awry, Dylan is left unleashed and alone. Afraid he’ll become prey for the King’s Hounds, he struggles to make his way back to the only safety he’s ever known. Or is it?

This section is from where my characters are trying to escape. Dylan’s currently attempting to hide beneath a bed…

“What are you doing here, elf?” the first one asked, his eyes narrowing at Tracker whilst the other man surveyed the room. “Looking to do a little looting whilst all the other servants are confined to the main hall?”

“T-they are?” Tracker replied, sounding suitably flustered. He tucked one foot behind the other, rubbing at the back of his ankle. “I… Why I had no idea, good sirs.”

“I reckon we should pat him down,” the second guard said, leering. “Strip him and give every orifice a thorough search just to be sure he’s not hiding anything.”

The first guard gave his companion a punch to the shoulder, his gauntleted fist clanging against the man’s armour. “You think we should do that with every elf.”

From his limited viewpoint, Dylan caught Tracker’s hand ball.


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