#RainbowSnippets – In Pain and Blood

inpainandblood_redThis, my Snippet Sunday and Rainbow Snippets folk, is the last snippet I’ll be sharing from In Pain and Blood. There’ll still be monthly chapters on my newsletter, but it won’t be seen here again until it’s published. I’ll be turning my focus to Dark One’s Bride, which also means I won’t be participating quite so much in Rainbow Snippets.

Blurb: When a routine inspection goes awry, Dylan is left unleashed and alone. Afraid he’ll become prey for the King’s Hounds, he struggles to make his way back to the only safety he’s ever known. Or is it?

This section follows on from last week’s, where the guards were suggesting a rather thorough search of Tracker’s person. Altered slightly to avoid spoilers. It ended with: From his limited viewpoint, Dylan caught Tracker’s hand ball.

The action was also noticed by the second guard. He nudged the other man. “Looks like this one’s going to be a fighter.”

The first guard stroked his jaw. “I do love it when they struggle,” he drawled.

Dylan steeled himself, preparing to unleash a bolt of lightning at the first sign of the men advancing. If Tracker chose to retaliate, then they’d have to ensure the men went down fast and stayed there.

“Good sirs,” Tracker said, leaning back on the bed. The mattress above Dylan’s head sagged slightly. “I have nothing to hide.”

“We’ll be the judge of that,” the second guard said, discarding his sword belt as the first man shut the door and tucked the torch into an empty sconce. “You just be a good little elf and do exactly what we say.”

The weight on the bed lifted as Tracker was pulled back to his feet. The guards pinned him between them. One toyed with the ties of Tracker’s stolen trousers, whilst the other rubbed himself against the elf’s rear.

Tracker tipped his head back against the first guard’s chest and chuckled. “My dear man,” he purred, grinding his backside against the man’s groin. “Why did you not say this was what you were after?” With one arm, he hooked the second guard, drawing him close enough to wrap both legs around the man’s waist. “It has been an age since I had two men in me at once. I can be most accommodating if you are looking to change that.”

“We’d prefer you struggled,” the second guard said, his voice thick. He’d managed to undo the ties of Tracker’s trousers and already had a hand down the back, pawing at the elf’s rear.

“I see,” Tracker murmured. He swung his arms behind him, caressing the back of the first guard’s head, digging his fingers into the man’s hair. “Very well.” Tracker jerked his hands. The crack of the first guard’s neck was sickeningly audible.

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22 thoughts on “#RainbowSnippets – In Pain and Blood

  1. Smooth move, Tracker! I like that elf!
    And I’m totally bummed I won’t be getting more In Pain and Blood fixes until the release. When is that expected, BTW? I can’t wait to get my hands on the whole story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really not sure when. Waiting on the editing at the moment, then it’s off for a proofread. Most likely nearer the end of the year.
      In the meantime, there’ll still be the monthly chapters in my newsletter.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Why did I have the feeling that some sort of crack was going to happen? It made me shiver thinking that he was going to be their plaything for a moment and not in a good way. Sometimes, I like broken necks.

    Liked by 1 person

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