Out With the New…

Fare thee well my old desktop wallpaper. Hello, new one.


May has gone, as has my “vacation time” from writing. Not that I’ve been doing much vacationing, what with tweaking bits of In Pain and Blood and readying myself for Dark One’s Bride, which I’ve been meaning to complete since before I started IPaB.

Seeing that I’ve been able to hammer out a rough 1k a day during my writing months, I’m giving myself two months to get DOB sorted as I know there are a few chapters I need to rewrite, new ones to put in place and some others that require filling out.

After that… I’m not sure whether I’ll turn my focus to Dark One’s Wife, Mapmaker, The Shadow Prince, To Target the Heart (which one prince in particular is starting to nag me about) or something else. I mean, providing things go well, there’ll be four more months after I’m done before December demands cut into my writing time. Maybe I’ll use that time to relearn how to make scented candles for when IPaB is released, because yeah, they’re happening…

2 thoughts on “Out With the New…

  1. Scented candles? Like Pink? 😉

    Very cool backgrounds. I have never set mine to a specific book theme, but I do tend to gravitate toward forests, considering my settings.

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    1. lol. I genuinely wondered when I first saw the Pink candle. One sniff was all it took to reaffirm that, yes, “Pink” was a typo. But I’m thinking lavender and something reminiscent of ozone for one and a citrus and cinnamon scent for the other. It’s been quite a number of years since I did candles last, though. I hope I can still remember.

      I find putting the right background helps me focus on the story I should be writing. Although, I still have Dylan and Tracker on my phone.


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