Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


Still with Dark One’s Bride, my dear Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday Folk. I’d hoped to further along by now, but things happened, so I’ve only just reached the end of chapter two. Which would be fine, if it wasn’t for the fact that most of it was written previously… Grr.


This piece takes a little leap from last week’s with Clara finally arriving at the Endlight castle…

The dreadful swaying slowed then, at last, they came to a halt. The carriage rocked further as the driver stepped down and several thuds on the carriage wall at her back spoke of her luggage being removed from the storage rack above.

Clara hastened to smooth her skirts, gave up and focused on her sleeves. She was dressed from head to toe in rich black silk. The hems and sleeves were heavy in grey embroidery, dark echoes of the Great Lord’s fiery symbol. Content that everything was presentable, she sat on the edge of her seat and waited for someone to open the carriage door, all the while desperately fighting the urge to do it herself.

The latch clicked and the door swung out into the bustle beyond.

“Clara?” Tommy called. Her page stood by the door, his sweet face pulled into a puzzled frown. During the last few stops, she’d all but leapt from the carriage.

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