Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


Still with Dark One’s Bride, my dear Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday Folk. I’ve managed to reach chapter three since last week. The slow going has, in part, been due to an injury last weekend involving a pony’s head and my index finger. It’s not broken (despite his most foolish of efforts, I’m sure), but I can forget long periods of typing.


This piece picks up directly after last week’s with Clara being a little apprehensive of leaving the carriage…

No matter how much she longed to see everything, there was a certain code of conduct she would have to adhere to. At least, according to the books she’d unearthed in the Citadel’s dusty library.

Without thought, her hand slid to the sheathed dagger nestled in the folds of her gown. Her fingers had barely secured themselves around the hilt by the time she became aware of the action. Silly girl, she chided, carefully relinquishing her hold. There was no danger here.

Still, her stomach fluttered as she sidled closer to the exit. This wasn’t like the inns of the tiny villages and hamlets they’d stopped at on their way here. Lucias was adamant that all of the kingdom’s nobility would be here for their wedding, for who wouldn’t want to witness the first time a Great Lord had married in centuries?

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