Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


This week, my dear Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday Folk. I’m going to skip a little ahead in Dark One’s Bride to the next chapter.

In this piece, Clara has been greeted by the lady of the castle and, after shooing the other noblewomen, has ushered her off into a room for talk and tea…


Thalia tottered back into her line of sight, a cup and saucer gracefully balanced in each hand. “Here we are. I do hope the tea is to your liking.”

Clara seized the proffered saucer, the cup shaking treacherously in her grasp. She clutched the handle and took a sip of the warm liquid. Overpowering sweetness hit her tongue. Honey. Her eye twitched as she fought down the urge to shudder and, somehow, managed a smile.

To Clara’s utmost relief, the woman didn’t seem to notice.

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In other news, Dark One’s Mistress managed to get itself into the semifinals in the Golden Quill Award Contest! There’s a reader’s choice going on, too.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

  1. She seemed rather desperate for that tea, too bad it has honey in it. Enjoyed the snippet, can’t wait to see what happens next. Congratulations on the Golden Quill Final and best wishes with the further judging.


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