Still finding new ways to surprise me

Dammit, woman!

I’m feeling quite a bit better since my last post. Not 100%, but I can think clearly enough to type most of the time. So it’s back to Dark One’s Bride I go, where it takes a semi-unexpected turn.

See, in DOM, certain circumstances have Clara taking in the street urchin, Tommy, and making him her page. I thought it was because she knew him.

No, it turns out that she’s some major maternal feelings bottled up. Or she’s a soft spot for orphans. Now I’ve been handed several new characters to add into the story, more names, a new chapter and a few more things to weave in.

Heck, I’m not even sure where she wants to go with them, but I’ve a sneaky suspicion that it’ll also bleed into the final book.

Even though I’m sitting here grumbling about all this extra work and how this flu means I’m definitely not going to finish DOB by the end of the month, it still feels right, so… we’re off!

5 thoughts on “Still finding new ways to surprise me

    1. She’s killing me here. It’s punishment, I’m sure, for writing Dylan’s story before finishing hers. But honestly, seven new characters? At least they won’t all be in the third book.


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