Cover Makeover: Dark One’s Mistress

You might’ve noticed a few changes happening around my blog and website, or even other places on the web. Mostly the alteration of a certain bright red cover.

That cover is no more.

Dark One’s Mistress has undergone its third cover change, the second by me alone after I self-published it. I quite liked its old cover, but the two I had slotted for Dark One’s Bride and Dark One’s Wife no longer fitted with the new plotline. So, with the change of two, I decided to change them all…

DOM - full


2 thoughts on “Cover Makeover: Dark One’s Mistress

    1. I’ve not touched DAZ 3D in several years. It’s a stock image I stumbled across on Dreamstime, pretty much just played with the dress colour. She’s real, I believe. I’m not so sure about the background, though.

      The second older cover was a little more intense and evoked a certain level of heat than the content is now going to be (the first cover was already misleading in that people expected a steamier story. Both are clean reads and the covers didn’t really state that). The last one had the opposite problem of her expression being too timid for the mindset Clara would be in by then. I thought of swapping them, but that really just brought me back to the problem with #1.


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