Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


Lately, I’ve been forgetting about Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday until well after the weekend. My head’s mostly been on preparing In Pain and Blood for its release and writing a scene that’ll come after the story (currently at 7000 words).


This piece is from a little later in In Pain and Blood, where the group have arrived at Riverton during a festival…

His gaze was drawn to those dancing in the middle of the square, his foot tapping to the beat. He knew the dance. Clearing his throat, Dylan held out his hand to the hedgewitch. “Care to join them?”

Katarina’s cheeks darkened. She slid off the barrel and tucked her book and quill back into their pouches. “I’d love to,” she said, taking his hand.

“What?” Authril whined. “What about me? I dragged you out here, I should get the first dance.”

Don’t forget to check out the other excerpts and also Rainbow Snippets.


In Pain and Blood is releasing in December and is 50% off until then…ipab-promo2

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