Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


Still sticking with snippets from In Pain and Blood releases. Got both of the scented candles done that I’m going to be giving away during my blog tour. Just waiting for the labels and map posters.

So, the piece for Weekend Writing WarriorsSnippet Sunday and Rainbow Snippets carries on from the last week’s post: Dylan and the group have all returned to the tavern for dinner where a minstrel has started singing a song about a rogue spellster with Tracker, the King’s Hound, quietly singing along…

Dylan clutched the side of the table. He’d a sick feeling of how the rest of the song went, of how many tales there were involving sacrifices, and was fully prepared to leave before such a conclusion. But there was something in Tracker’s hushed voice, a wavering note of pain, that kept Dylan from getting to his feet.

The song spoke of another man, a young stable hand who listened in on the couple’s plan and, when the hounds came sniffing, told them of the spellster’s imminent return. So the hounds waited until the first night of the full moon, then they trussed and gagged the maiden, placing her at the window facing the direction her spellster lover would come.

Dylan held his breath. Only then did he realise the rest of the room had fallen silent.

Tracker stood. “Perhaps we should seek out our room?”

As one, the three women shot to their feet.

Don’t forget to check out the other excerpts.


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26 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

  1. It totally reminded me of the Highwayman, at least the song did, but interesting that the women didn’t want to hear the ending any more than Dylan did. Great snippet, Aldrea.

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