Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


Still sticking with snippets from In Pain and Blood releases. I don’t think I’ve done quite so many interviews and guest posts as I’ve done for my upcoming blog tour. Still got a couple more to go, so I’ll be brief.

So, the piece for Weekend Writing WarriorsSnippet Sunday and Rainbow Snippets carries on from the last two weeks: Dylan and the group have all returned to the tavern for dinner where a minstrel has started singing a song about a rogue spellster when Tracker, the King’s Hound, suggests they and the rest of their group have shot to their feet…

Dylan trailed behind them, trying to listen to the song. In it, the unnamed maiden struggled against her bonds, but the knots were tight and the rope bit her skin. “How does it end?” he asked as they reached the top of the stairs.

Tracker sighed. “Typically. Her lover arrives at midnight to spirit her away. When she spots him in the square, she throws herself out the window to warn him and is killed in the fall.”

“So he gets away?”

The hound turned to face him. “Do you really think that?”

Don’t forget to check out the other excerpts.


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