Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


If you replied last week, I’m sorry about not getting over to your blog. My godmother got quite ill and is in surgery today getting her gallbladder removed.

I’m still sticking with snippets from In Pain and Blood releases. And the piece for Weekend Writing Warriors, Snippet Sunday and Rainbow Snippets moves away from the last two weeks and into something a little lighter: This is back when Tracker joined the group, this is the first time he spars with Authril…

Tracker’s moves were rather snake-like. He’d strike like a viper, coiling both weapons and arms around his opponent’s body as if they were pythons of metal and flesh, then dart out of reach before she could react.

After enduring the fifth such move, Authril staggered back. Swearing just loud enough for Dylan to make out the words pouring from her clenched teeth, she shook herself and lunged at the hound.

Dylan tracked them as the pair danced about the cleared patch. There were hints of more designs on the hound’s back—something very central on his upper spine that the others were situated around—but the way the man kept twisting out of Authril’s reach made it difficult to make out what exactly.

“He’s very inked, isn’t he?” Katarina said, causing Dylan to jump. He’d forgotten the hedgewitch sat next to him and also watched the pair.

“I wasn’t looking,” he said, the words rushing out before he could stop them. Heat blazed across his face as she arched a brow at him, and he mumbled, “I mean… I hadn’t noticed.”

Don’t forget to check out the other excerpts.

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