Snippet Sunday – #8sunday

So, with In Pain and Blood now available to all, I thought I’d switch to something a little different for this week: Such as the unexpected novella that comes after, which’ll be ready in early 2018… if a certain elf would just let me finish it. It was meant to be a short story, but it’s now at 18k.

The snippet is a little longer than the other pieces I’ve recently done for Snippet Sunday and Rainbow Snippets… and a little on the mature side, nothing graphic…


The veil Dylan had physically removed from Tracker’s waist still lay half draped on the bed. Tracker snatched it up and threaded the finely-woven linen through the holes in their headboard before winding one end around Dylan’s wrist. When this act wasn’t met with objection, Tracker did the same to the other wrist.

He glanced down at the man as he tightened the last knot. Those dark eyes, glowing with trust, watched his every movement. “It is the usual stopword, yes?”

Dylan bit his lip. The redness of his cheeks darkened further as he nodded.

“You are terrible,” Tracker grumbled half-heartedly. “Making me do all the work.”

Dylan chuckled. “Well, it is my day.”

Tracker gave a mock gasp, clutching at his chest. “And he throws my own words back at me.” He bent over Dylan. “Such insolence,” he purred before claiming the man’s mouth with his own.

Dylan broke their kiss, grinning up at him. “You love me that way.”

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Both characters are from…


16 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – #8sunday

    1. I -do- have shorter pieces, I’ve even a 400-word snippet left over from an alternative epilogue. But when it comes to this… Tracker just keeps adding things. I’ve written the ending five times now and, every time, he just moves the end.
      Thanks. 🙂 I’m still giddy over it.

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