2018 Goals and Other News

Happy 2018, everyone!

Last year I set myself a few writing goals in the beginning of the New Year. A lot of them didn’t get done, with In Pain and Blood commanding much of my time. I did get a few more books read than 2016, but fell well short of the twelve I’d set myself…


2018 Goals

  • Get An Unexpected Gift edited and published. I completed this 20k novella addition to In Pain and Blood just at the end of December and have recently gone through its first self-edit. Next step, critique.
  • Finish Dark One’s Bride. I had planned to get to this after IPaB last year, and did manage to write a little on it, but it ultimately got pushed aside to focus on IPaB’s release. There’s still a few chapters to write and some more to re-write.
  • Start on To Target the Heart. It’s sitting there waiting on me to turn my full attention to it. Fortunately, a little more patient than IPaB was and is satisfied in a few snippets here and there.
  • Figure out what I’m going to do with what I’ve for-now titled Extinguishing the Sun. Ultimately, I’ll likely write it, but it’ll require a lot of attention and focus.
  • Read more, as always. I’ve perhaps doubled my reading pile since the beginning of last year and only read a handful of books.


test3-5On another note. In Pain and Blood has got a new cover. I was holding this for the paperback release, but I’m a weak person and it’s too gorgeous. Leonardo did a wonderful job with the characters (in fact, I’ve already an idea or two on what to do for TTtH for when the time comes). The typography was a little touch and go at first, but I’m satisfied with it now.



What goals do you have for 2018?

3 thoughts on “2018 Goals and Other News

  1. The new cover is AMAZING (and I like the placement of “In” and “and”). So TTtH is going to come before Through Smoke and Fire?


    1. Yeah. TSaF will need TTtH written first as it happens during the last half and intersects with it at one point, just like in SotGV. Some chapters will have to be written side-by-side, though.


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