Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


I’m working on a completely different piece as the novella, An Unexpected Gift, is now complete (at a little over 20k). Got it done a day or two before the New Year!

But I’m going to stick with that for now because it was fun.

The piece I’ve chosen for Weekend Writing WarriorsSnippet Sunday and Rainbow Snippets carries on from last time: Where Tracker was busily tying a not-at-all-concerned-about-it Dylan to the bed…

Tracker ran a finger down Dylan’s body, chuckling to himself at how Dylan arched off the bed to deepen the pressure. “But what shall I do with you?” There were so many delicious possibilities that he truly didn’t know where to begin. “I could repeat what we did the first night we spent in this bed. You enjoyed that, yes?”

Dylan audibly gulped and nodded.

“Or…” Tracker drawled as he continued his gentle assault on Dylan’s senses, ivory skin pebbling in the wake of his touch. “I could do one of your favourites instead. But which to choose?”

Don’t forget to check out the other excerpts.


Both characters are from In Pain and Blood (which now has a new cover, yeah!)ipab_FB

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