A New Map…

It’s hot. Too darn hot to think about anything other than staying cool and hydrated. 30°C to be exact. That’s indoors. Not that outside is much better with the lack of wind. We’ve never had AC either and our fans are just moving the warm air around. It’s humid, too, which means we can’t even escape it with a cool shower. Been that way for a few days. At least the night’s are bearable.

So, in lieu of working on anything. I thought I’d show you all the map I had commissioned for the spellster series novels. It’s quite nifty and she’s enabled me to add new cities when and if I need.


2 thoughts on “A New Map…

  1. Dude, yeah, that heat plus humidity… I don’t envy you. Where I live is really dry, so though it hits over 100 Fahrenheit, it’s probably more manageable that what you’re dealing with. Right now, though, we’re just a couple degrees above freezing.

    GORGEOUS map. I really like it. Did it turn out how you wanted it?

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    1. Yeah, I was able to give her some pretty detailed outlines and such, so it’s close to what I made, just prettier. It was certainly worth the wait… Even if I did, from what I can figure out, get lost between the cracks for a bit there, but that would’ve been a Fiverr thing, the artist sorted it out pretty quick once we made contact again.


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